3 Signs Your School Would Benefit From Stacking Chairs

August 7, 2019

Stacking chairs are a huge boon to many different businesses and sectors, and schools are one of the areas in which these particular chairs can really help. Not only are they good value for money and high quality, but there are a number of other benefits too including robustness and the fact that – as stacking chairs – they save space. If you’re wondering whether it’s time to invest in stacking chairs for your school, here are three of the most important signs to look out for.

Your School Is Growing

 If your school is growing, that’s a good thing. Having very small numbers within a school means it can be in danger of closing down, plus if you have a lot of new pupils starting it means that funding is on its way. Schools that are oversubscribed tend to be found at the higher levels of an OFSTED report too, so all in all a growing school is a positive.

However, along with more pupils you will need more equipment. Everyone needs to be able to sit somewhere, whether that’s in the assembly hall, in classrooms, in lecture rooms, in communal common rooms, or even staff rooms (don’t forget, as your pupil numbers grow, so too will your staff numbers to keep the correct ratio).

Stacking chairs means you’ll have enough seating for everyone, and if you need to hide some of the chairs away sometimes to allow for PE or drama or other such lessons to take place, it’s extraordinarily each to do.

Stacking chairs means you can accommodate your growing student numbers without blowing the entire year’s budget on seating; they are excellent value for money.

Small Building

Some school buildings are smaller than others, and that’s not something that can easily be fixed. It is rather something that needs to be worked around. Stacking chairs can give you the flexibility you need in even the smallest of spaces.

For one thing, stacking chairs are convenient. This means that tidying chairs away and storing them shouldn’t impact on the little space that you already have as they are easy to stack and put away. Not only that, but stacking chairs come in a variety of different sizes, so you should be able to find something that fits in the space you have perfectly well.

Catering For Different Events

Does your school hire itself out for different events? Parties and get-togethers? Or perhaps you don’t have this additional income stream but you do have a lot going on – school plays, fetes, exams, and so on… with stacking chairs you can accommodate everyone, no matter what is happening and how many people might be attending.

Another benefit is that these chairs can be decorated as you need them to do. They can easily fit a theme, and whether you choose to slip covers over them, tie ribbons around them, shower them in glitter or anything else that suits your theme, you can do it. These chairs are flexible and versatile.

If you need to quickly clear away ready for the next lesson, for example, the additional trolleys that can be purchased along with the chairs make this job a simple one.


Stacking chairs are the ideal purchase for any school. They are so flexible, giving you as much opportunity as you need to use them over and over again. They are also robust, so they will last for a number of years before having to be replaced. And they look good and are comfortable, helping pupils and teachers alike to concentrate on their lessons.