5 Premises That Would Benefit from Stacking Chairs

December 16, 2019

Many business owners find there are times when they struggle to accommodate their customers, despite their best efforts.

Either they don’t have enough seating, space is limited or any extra chairs they do have are bulky, heavy, ugly and difficult to use.

However, you can make the most of the space you do have by investing in some modern, stylish and highly versatile stacking chairs. Here are five of the premises that would benefit the most.

1. Cafes, restaurants & bars

Have you ever been to a bar or cafe and you find that there aren’t enough seats for everyone?

You either need to borrow whatever you can from other tables or leave and find somewhere else to eat or drink. As a result, the business owner loses valued customers, loses revenue and their brand image can suffer.

But if the business had invested in stacking chairs such as the Stanway 3, this wouldn’t have been a problem. They could simply lift additional chairs from the stack and slot them effortlessly into place.

This particular chair also boasts a neutral wood finish and wipes clean, making it perfect for catering businesses. When no longer required, they’ll store neatly until the next time they’re required.

2. Churches & cathedrals

Stacking chairs can help breathe new life into a church. They modernise and update your church’s appearance and help you avoid those uncomfortable, old-fashioned pews. As a result, worshippers will be more likely to attend church regularly and so your congregation will grow.

These chairs are also a great option for those occasions when you’re unsure how many will be in attendance, such as Midnight Mass, Christmas carol services, weddings and baptisms, helping ensure there are enough seats for all.

If you’re looking for a stacking chair for your church or cathedral, choose one with additional padding. Also opt for a model such as the Stanway 2 that provides extra storage space for Bibles, Prayer books and other items.

3. Theatres, cinemas & live music venues

Entertainment venues often have fixed seating that is difficult to clean, impossible to move and restricts how you can use the space available.

Switch to a stacking chair such as the Buscot and you can enjoy the benefits of full adaptable seating that can be used for all of your events.

Comfortable and easy to move around, this model is particularly effective as it boasts a unique tip-up seat design that your guests will be familiar with and it also stacks perfectly.

This makes it ideal for spaces that need to adapt to the needs of an event, or for times when you’re likely to welcome a greater number of guests than usual.

4. Schools, colleges & universities

Educational establishments want their students to be engaged. They want to capture their attention, spark their curiosity and help them fulfil their potential. Yet they can’t do this as effectively if the seating is uncomfortable or the layout of the room isn’t conducive to the task at hand.

Invest in high-quality stacking chairs and this needn’t be a problem. You can quickly and easily adapt the layout of the room as the task requires and effortlessly return it when the lesson or event has finished.

These chairs are also perfect for school plays, assemblies or performances where you’ll have a larger audience than usual who need to be comfortable and supported when in your venue. 

An excellent choice here would be the Stanway 1 as you can stack up to 30 chairs, saving space and it’s also extremely comfortable.

5. Conference centres

Stacking chairs are a popular option for conference centres as they’re easy to adapt to the widely differing needs of individual events. They’re also lightweight, versatile and can be quickly and easily returned to their station without fuss.

Conference attendees are likely to sit for long periods of time, so it’s important they feel comfortable at all times.

That’s why the stylish and comfortable Stanway 1 would be an excellent choice. They’re available both with and without armrests, provide thick foam padding and in a range of attractive colours.

If you want to make sure everyone that attends your premises is comfortable at all times, stacking chairs are the best investment. Highly versatile, stylish and easy to position, they’re the perfect option for the savvy business owner.