5 Thing to Consider When Choosing Your Stacking Chair

August 31, 2018

Stacking chairs are vital pieces of furniture everywhere – from schools to churches to wedding halls, and with so many options on the market it can be hard to decide which type is best. Before buying in bulk, people need to take the time to properly choose the right chair to suit their needs so they don’t regret shelling out money and investing in a high quantity of chairs. That’s why the following article will outline the five main things you should consider when buying stacking chairs, to ensure that you make the right purchase for you.



One of the most important things you need to consider before investing in stacking chairs is what strength and level of durability you need for them. If you are going to use the chairs infrequently and only on special occasions, you will not need an exceptionally strong style of chair, or one that is particularly durable. However, if you’re buying the chairs for something like a wedding hall or a church, where they will be used almost daily by tens or hundreds of people, a strong and durable chair is a necessity. Should you compromise the strength of the chair, you’ll find yourself have to buy replacements much sooner than you expected. Some of the most common, durable chairs are made of steel or another high-purpose metal alloy.



Well, this one goes without saying. You need to think carefully about the location where you’ll use the chairs and the type of event where they’ll most often be used. If the chairs will be used for weddings and engagements, you will of course want to pick a chair that is more stylish, elegant and sophisticated in its appearance. If you are buying stacking chairs to use at a community hall or in a school, a simple, plain and basic design will more than suffice. If your style requirements aren’t as important as the budget, you’ll find basic chairs much more affordable than the more stylish options. Similarly, you can invest in a basic chair for a lower price and arrange a dressmaker or furniture upholsterer to fit the chairs with some fabric to improve the appearance.



One of the most important things to consider when choosing your stacking chairs is comfort. If the chairs will be used for long periods, i.e. church services or schools, it would be preferable if the chairs were comfortable and provided some cushioning and back support to the user. If the chairs are just for a community hall or infrequent, short occasions, comfort may not be a huge priority for you.



All of the other features aside, a lot of people will find price the most decisive option out of all. Of course you can’t invest in stacking chairs beyond your budget, no matter how comfortable or stylish they may be. Consider the amount of chairs you need to purchase and set your budget from there – remember to add in an additional amount for any delivery fees or associated budgetary costs.



The last thing to consider but by no means the least important is the intended use for the chairs, which will help you refine your search. Quite often, wedding chairs or church chairs will have a lot of pre-determined, specific features built in to them to fit the purpose. For this reason, it would be useful to determine the specific use of the chairs first before you start searching, as this has the potential to save a lot of time. If you would prefer to buy chairs that are very versatile and fit a wide range of purposes, most basic and all purpose chairs can be adapted to suit a wide range of occasions and uses.