Catering to The Needs of Your Church

April 23, 2019

For centuries and centuries, local churches were used solely as a place of worship for people to attend services and conduct private prayers, but as time has gone on and society has evolved, churches and church halls have become much more diverse and varied buildings and establishments for their immediate communities. Of course, Sundays will always be reserved for mass and other forms of worship, but there is no doubting that churches have branched out and become a much more adaptable place for various functions throughout the calendar year. And with the use of stacking chairs, you will alway have the seating for the event.

Birthday Parties

Church halls are a perfect location to enquire about when you need to organise a child’s birthday party. They are usually of a decent size for a class number of kids, and with stacking chairs, they can be moved to the perimeters of the space to make rooms for activities and dancing. Churches are usually very happy to open up their halls for birthday celebrations, as they see it as a way to bring young people closer to the church community that doesn’t necessarily involve being pulled along to service on a Sunday!


The majority of people still choose to conduct funerals in a church setting, which makes the adjoining hall a perfect place to host a wake for family and friends after the service has been given. There is more often than not room to set up table and chairs, along with an area for food and beverage options. This is the kind of outreach community work that churches love to do the most. It can also strengthen the ties that one particular family might have with the church, as it gives them a permanent link to the building through memory.

Jumble Sales

A great use of church facilities to bring a community together is using it as a venue for a local jumble sale. The large hall spaces are ideal for people from all over the area to bring their items to be sold. Church halls are the perfect place for them to be held, and jumble sales provide the perfect opportunity for you to get rid of those long keep unwanted goods. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure!

Cake Sales

Similarly, a cake sale is an event that has long been popularly linked with church buildings. Whether raising money for a cause or for the community or for the church itself, the prospect of a cake and other baked goods sale has always seemed to bring the best out of local neighbourhoods and communities. Not only does it give you an opportunity to show off your baking skills, but it provides a perfect platform for getting to know your neighbours in an era when neighbourly affection and friendship is at an all-time low.

Charity Drives

Churches are traditionally linked with charity, and hosting charity drives and sales in their premises is just one extension of that. From clothing to household items and everything in between, halls can be used not only to invite locals to donate their spare possessions, but also to conduct a sale of which all the profits go to the chosen organisations. Because churches tend to be at a central location within a community, it makes them an ideal spot for these types of occasions, it gives the charities the best chance of making a successful amount of money or receiving a high number of donated items.

Soup Kitchen

With homelessness and poverty still tragically rife in most urban cities across the country and world, another great use for church halls and buildings is the hosting of soup kitchen time slots that allows those in need to come and find some solace, warmth and nourishment. The church values of kindness and care to those in need, the example set by the Good Samaritan, make hosting food and drink sessions for the homeless an obvious extension of their role within the community.

Community Clubs

If there are more than five or ten people who have an interest in it, then you can bet that there is a church hall community club dedicated to it! From yoga to sewing to dancing to bingo and anything else you can think of, a church hall’s roster can get filled up very quickly by different groups booking it up for their weekly get togethers.

Other Uses

While most functions will take place in the church hall, there are ways for the main church to be used for events other than religious services. The acoustics of churches are usually magnificent, so they are ideal for concerts and even other entertainment shows. Having stacking chairs that can be piled up when not is use and just brought out when extra seats are required is an excellent way to supplement pew seating.