Choosing the Right Stacking Chair for Your Events Venue

May 31, 2019

Every events venue, no matter the use, needs furniture. It is extremely rare for any events venue to be merely an empty room.

Choosing furniture that isn’t very flexible can limit your options as to whom you might attract to your room, and the kind of events it can host. It isn’t practical from a cost point of view to have lots of different furniture, options so it is important to choose the best furniture to fit the majority of events you wish to hire out the event space for.

The most flexible event furniture is the stacking chair.

Why Choose Stacking Chairs?

The benefits of stacking chairs over regular chairs are many.

  • They are space efficient, taking up far less room than chairs which are not easily stacked
  • Multi-purpose with many applications and seating arrangements
  • Stacking chairs are cost-effective. They are usually purchased in bulk meaning purchasers generally benefit from economies of scale in the price
  • They are easy to pick up and manoeuvre around as required
  • Stacking chairs are generally durable and built to withstand more than usual wear and tear
  • They are more stable and comfortable than folding chairs
  • There are plenty of options in style, materials, and colourways.

You can maximise the space of any venue with stacking chairs: Here’s where, how, and why:

Wedding Venue

Seating is a major consideration for any engaged couple planning their wedding and choosing their venue. Having enough chairs to hold a very large wedding party is essential to maximise the potential and attraction of a wedding venue. Stacking chairs are easily the best option.

You simply wheel out the number required for each individual wedding to accommodate the number of guests, and there’s always the extra on hand if required. Stacking chairs are also ideal if you offer outdoor weddings. They are easy to transport from their storage space and set up as required.

Stacking chairs can also be “dressed up” for the occasion, if there are aesthetics the bride wishes to consider.


On busy nights, particularly at weekends, pubs can find themselves short of seating.  Stacking chairs are an excellent option. They can sit happily in a storeroom or storage space, or even a corner and just be brought out when required. Easily picked up, they can simply be moved by whoever wants one. Stacking chairs are also great if your pub holds events of any type – darts matches, quizzes – when extra seating is required. If you host live music, the extra chairs can be used to create a mini amphitheatre around the stage. They are also a boon if you host outdoor events or screenings of major sports matches or other events of mass public interest., such as a royal occasion.


As well the obvious advantage of stacking chairs being available as extra seating, there is one practical reason why they are a great choice for a restaurant. At closing time, being able to stack chairs against the wall means it is easy to clean the tables and floors.

The styles of stacking chairs obviously don’t lend themselves to a fancy pants fine dining restaurant but high quality stacking chairs can be sourced that will act as additional seating while still coordinating with the theme of the restaurant.

Church and Church Hall

Churches are a community resource and host all manner of events, and if the church has rooms available to hire or a separate hall, stacking chairs are the most valuable and versatile furniture.

Older churches are fitted with pews which are usually fixed and therefore, not the most flexible seating option.  Stacking chairs provide this flexibility as well as providing additional seating at overly-popular services such as Christmas Eve Midnight Mass or a carol service. The additional church seating can also be used in the church hall or any other rooms beyond the nave.

Community Centre

The sheer variety of events, functions, and activities that might take place in a community centre means that stacking chairs are truly the best option. They can be kept in a storeroom or against a wall when not in use, and easily laid out when required. Choosing a durable make and robust design means the chairs will stand up to heavy use.

Stacking chairs make the most of any space, no matter what type of venue you operate. Modern stacking chairs are attractive, portable, and versatile, and for any manager of an event space, as wise investment.