Church Chairs

Why Choose Stacking Chairs?

If you’re focused on delivering a powerful message, then it’s vital that the chairs in your church offer comfort to those in attendance. Stacking chairs are a great alternative to traditional wooden pews for the following reasons:


It goes without saying that comfort is one of the most important factors when considering your seating options. Stacking chairs  are designed to ensure that anyone who sits on them, can do so comfortably. Upholstered stacking chairs can also be used when people are going to be seated for long periods of time.


Nowadays, churches are used by the wider community for a variety of events and so your chairs need to be resilient and able to accommodate a variety of users. Stacking chairs can be moved and setup quickly and easily where additional seating is required. Stacking chairs enable seating to be flexible so that any number of attendees can be catered for.


Stacking chairs are manufactured from materials which give them a high level of durability. This makes them long-lasting and means that, as long as they are looked after correctly, they will remain in good condition for years even when they are used frequently.


Stacking chairs are lightweight, easy to move around and designed to be stored conveniently to maximise your available floor space.