About Us

To sit upon a chair from Stacking chairs UK, is to sit upon over 70 years of revolutionary British furniture design, artisan crafting and seating expertise.

Our Parent Company

Our parent company, Race Furniture, started in 1945 when Noel Jordan posted an advert for aspiring furniture designers to join him. Following the second world war, there was a high demand for furniture in the U.K. and an emerging interest in style as well as function. This was the first sign of Ernest Race’s ingenuity as there was a rationing of traditionally used materials, such as hard wood, at this time.

Ernest Race

Our co-founder and namesake, Ernest Race, more than rose to the challenge. Drawing on his experience in textile manufacturing, technical skills he honed as a draughtsman and an eye for style he developed as an interior designer, Race devised a series of furnishings that went on to become some of the most iconic and influential designs of that era.

Utilising salvaged materials left over from the war such as recycled parachute silk for upholstery fabric and recast aluminium to form frames, Race created distinctive pieces such as the BA3 chair which was featured in the 1946 ‘Britain Can Make It’ exhibition at the V&A. Other well-recognised designs by Race include the Antelope and Springbok chairs which were both produced for the Festival of Britain in 1951.

In addition to his original style, Race was also innovative for his approach to the manufacturing process. Understanding the interplay between form, function and production – Race developed pieces that could be assembled from interchangeable pieces. This greatly improved the efficiency and cost of mass production, demonstrating that Race was truly a pioneer in his time. Race’s elegant yet durable designs were thus available to the nation at a lower cost.

Using This Expertise

We have channelled our collective years of passion and expertise to create an expert insight based blog discussing the benefits of stacking chairs and so much more. Our blog is available here.

How Our Designs Have Stood The Test Of Time

Race’s designs have stood the test of time as Race furniture have continued to supply original designs, such as the Antelope, to U.K consumers since the original opening of Race Furniture. Over time, our range has expanded and evolved to include auditorium seating and stacking chairs, all the while keeping Ernest’s core values of practicality and simplicity at heart.

Who Can We Help?

Large venues such as schools, churches and conference halls commonly use stacking chairs in order to afford some flexibility of venue use. Now, Race Furniture has branched out into Stacking Chairs UK, aiming to provide functional furniture that is light and compact enough to be moved away when needed without compromising on the clean and classic style Race is so well known for.

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If you need any further assistance, please get in touch with us on Telephone: 01451 821446 or by using our contact form here.