Considerations for Your Christmas Office Party

December 9, 2019

Christmas parties provide a great opportunity to shake off the stress and hard work of the previous year, let your hair down and have some fun!

But before you put on that Christmas jumper and join your colleagues to celebrate, make sure you’ve planned the event carefully beforehand.

Keep reading to discover the most important factors to consider when you’re getting ready.

1. Do you have a venue?

One of the most important considerations when it comes to planning your office Christmas party has to be the location.

You usually have two main options: you hold the party at your business premises, or you hire a space instead. Your decision rests on how many people you expect to attend, what kind of party you’d like to hold and your budget.

A third option is to find a restaurant that offers a set Christmas party package for a set price. This might not be an office party exactly, but your staff will still have a lot of fun.

Wherever you choose, make sure it’s easily accessible by public transport so everyone can have a drink or two if they fancy it.

2. Do you have enough tables and chairs?

There’s nothing worse than inviting your staff to a Christmas party then discovering that there aren’t enough seats to go around.

That’s why it’s so important to prepare everything well in advance and consider investing in extra chairs if you find yourself short.

The Stanway 3 is an excellent option here as it boasts a wooden veneers surface that is resistant to spills and stains, it’s highly versatile and it’s extremely compact to store.

3. Will you have a theme?

Office Christmas parties don’t have to centre around predictable festive attire like Christmas jumpers, tinsel and sparkly dresses! Feel free to get creative and choose your own theme.

Consider ideas such as Winter Wonderland, Masquerade Ball or Fire and Ice if you want to stay in the festive spirit. For more relaxed fun, think about ideas such as Bond Night, Superheroes or even general fancy dress.

Once you’ve made your decision, start thinking about how you can creatively decorate the premises and remember to let your staff know if they need to come in fancy dress. 

4. How about food?

Whether you’re opting for a full sit-down meal, a buffet or you simply want to provide nibbles, you’ll need to think about food for your office Christmas party.

Consider your budget and the options that will be available to you. Then think about whether your staff have any special dietary requirements and if they suffer from any allergies before choosing. Remember too that some people avoid certain foods for religious reasons.

If you’re holding the party at your premises you could either to hire a caterer to take care of the hard work or simply do the catering yourself. For larger groups, it’s generally a good idea to get someone that can do it for you.

Again, the other option is to find a restaurant that can cater to your group and make a reservation accordingly.

5. What will you drink?

A Christmas office party wouldn’t be any fun at all if it wasn’t for the beverages on offer (alcoholic and non-alcoholic.) So, dedicate plenty of time to considering what your guests will be drinking and how much you might need to buy or order beforehand.

A good rule of thumb is to calculate 2 drinks for the first hour then one for each hour afterwards for each guest. When it comes to wine, allow for two large glasses per person. If you’re stuck you can also use one of the many online drinks calculators to help you decide.

6. What about entertainment?

And finally, every office party needs some great entertainment to help everyone relax and have fun. The easiest option is to stick to music and either create a playlist yourself, hire a DJ or even hire a musician or band to provide the entertainment.

Remember you don’t need to expose your eardrums to endless rounds of Step into Christmas, Fairytale of New York or Merry Christmas Everyone, just because it’s Christmas. Feel free to play whatever music your team enjoys.

An affordable and fun idea is to bring in casino tables or even board games like Monopoly, Twister and Cluedo so that everyone can have fun. Entertainers such as comedians, acrobats and magicians can be great too.

When you’re planning an office Christmas party, make sure you’ve thought long and hard about your venue, seating, theme, food, drinks and entertainment. This helps avoid any nasty last-minute surprises so your team can go ahead and enjoy themselves.