Creative Ways to Add Space to Your Venue

April 29, 2019

If you are the owner or organiser for any type of venue that is capable of hosting multiple varieties of different events, then it is fair to assume that you are familiar with the prospect of having to get the most out of the space that you have. Walls are something that you can’t change on a whim, but what you do within those walls is definitely the key to making a positive change to the atmosphere and to the look of the space. To completely transform the feel of an indoor area, you need ways to both make the room feel larger and to feel like you have actually added space to what was already there. Here are some creative ways to add space to your venue.

Stacking Chairs

When it comes to choosing which type and design of chairs to buy for your venue, the only logical option is to go for a set of stacking chairs that can be easily and effortlessly utilised. Some events call for a full seating plan of chairs, whereas others require much more floor space with room to spare in the middle, so the nature of stackable chairs is perfect for the versatility that an event room needs to be capable of handling. Bigger, more bulky chairs might look more sophisticated or eye catching, but stacking chairs are much better for space maximisation. Individual stacking chairs also able to be used around tables in a way that other types of seating cannot. Stacking chairs are also more easily stored than other seating.

Wall Mounted Screens

If your venue is a space that is going to be used for media and entertainment purposes, or for presentations in meetings and conferences, then a very simple and effective way to maximise space as well as providing an excellent facility is wall mounting the television screens or projector utilities. Rather than taking up valuable floor space, the screens will hang on the walls and provide the required entertainment without taking up any of the room that is required for seating and/or tables. As long as your venue has appropriately placed power sockets and outlets, wall mounting screen should always be a primary option.

Outdoor Space

If possible, always try to utilise the surrounding outdoor space to give your venue and your event more ‘rooms’ to work with. Having a marquee or other ‘portable’ options is much cheaper than having to hire out multiple building rooms, and when it comes to spring and summer engagements, it can feel very chic to have a cocktail reception outside before inviting guests in to the main venue room for further enjoyment. By doing this you succeed in making you event feel larger scale without ever having to increase the amount of actual indoor space that you are using.

Outsource the Catering

If you make the decision to outsource your catering for any event, then you don’t have to worry about finding more space to prepare, dish up, or even cook. There are plenty of reputable catering companies that can provide a fully-fledged service that includes going back and forth from specially designed vans, bringing in and walking around with trays of canapes and drinks for the guests to pick. This solves the dilemma of having food and drink at the event but not necessarily having the space to house it yourself. There are many mobile caterers of all sorts who can be booked for an event from vans who serve freshly made wood-fired pizzas to hog roast catering companies.

Have a Smaller Stage

There is a tendency for many venue spaces to have a much larger raised stage area than is actually needed. If this is the case with your own venue, then it can really help to look in to creating a much smaller stage, one that one a handful of people can be on a time compared to one that could house a full amateur production. Doing this will free up much more floor space for other activities like dance floors and general mingling areas.

Partition Walls

If your problem is more the fact that you have a large, cavernous space that doesn’t have much personality, you can always make the most of temporary partition walls that can be erected to divide the space in to a number of medium sized rooms instead of one huge one. This is a particularly good idea if you were looking to divide spaces up in terms of food station, bar, smoking area, dance area etc. Partition walls can also be used for meetings and conferences to provide separate or break out areas.