Event Furniture Trends 2019

May 7, 2019

The event furniture industry experiences trends and fads just as any other industry. Sometimes a trend is driven by manufacturers or designers, other times copying things that celebrities are splashing all over Instagram and Pinterest about their events. According to Race Furniture “the past decade or so has seen dramatic changes in the event industry, and trying to keep up with it is becoming more difficult”. Here are some of the event furniture trends of 2019.

  1. Complement the venue rather than compete with it

A space that is overwhelmed by furniture and event theming can distract the attention of the events attendees. Overly showy furniture, or too much of it, can overshadow everything. Sometimes, the concept of less is more is the best way to go. The right furniture will provide a base for the other, more important features of the event such as the ceremony, conference message, or entertainment.

Complementing ways includes ideas such as

  • Using modern event furniture in a rustic setting
  • Juxtaposing the clean lines of modern furniture against the ornate features of a traditional venue
  • Use neutral coloured furniture against bold walls and floor – or vice versa – to create an impact using contrasting tones.
  1. Keep it modern and minimalist

Modern minimalist never goes out of style, and in fact, due to greater eco-consciousness world-wide, there is a movement towards further minimalism in everything.  There are times it will be necessary to fill your event with furniture and to go to town on the theming but there are times when a minimalist approach is better, such as

  • Focussing on one single item and multiplying it to create an impact
  • Keep to the purpose of the event, avoiding “just in case” items and scenarios unless they are a specific requirement
  1. Flexibility

Another concept that is becoming more ingrained in the human psyche is that of items being more flexible and maybe having more than one use. We’re moving away – albeit slowly – from a throwaway economy, and consumers are putting more thought into their decisions, trying to be wasteful.

Event furniture does have some scope for flexibility.

  • Simple, square and rectangular tables are always going to have more uses than round tables which are also harder to store and fit less people for an event layout – although of course they are indispensable for parties and celebrations like weddings.
  • Moveable seating and retractable seating are going to give an event space more flexibility with stacking chairs being a great option: easy to store in multiple numbers that can used for catering to small or large numbers.
  • Furniture which can be used inside and out is also growing in popularity. Indoor/outdoor furniture needs to be durable enough to withstand the elements on top of normal wear and tear.
  1. All White

Keeping things neutral is a common theme in event spaces. The belief is that a neutral palette provides greater flexibility which is among the top event furniture trends for 2019 (see above). The idea is that a client can fill the venue with their own choice of colours without it clashing with the existing colour scheme and décor.

Taking this one step further, there is nothing more neutral than white. In 2019, event planners love white venues more than ever. A white space is easy to transform. Venue owners are often tempted to fill a blank white space with colour and furniture, but this can sometimes be limiting. By keeping it all white, there is a space upon which an event personality can be imposed.

  1. Modern Fabrics and Materials

The nature of event furniture is that it is used over and over, and the industry has always looked to the more durable materials, particularly when it comes to event seating. Wood, plastic, vinyl, and steel/chrome have been the mainstay of event seating for years. Nowadays though, people are looking for more interest and style in their furniture.

  • Velvet used to be the most used fabric in places like theatres and cinemas, but it is easily worn so hardier fabrics replaced it. There have however been developments in the materials industry that increase the longevity of more delicate fabrics, and velvet in particular is seeing an increase in popularity as a seating material.
  • High design is also being applied to the idea of functionality. Event furniture is being made to look upscale without the high design price tag.

There is always a correlation between the fashion and retail industries, so if you want to get an advanced view of what the event furniture trends of 2020 will be, keep an eye on the catwalks and the major trade shows.