Flexible furniture for a flexible office space

October 30, 2018

When you are planning the space in your office, you need to carefully consider how it will be used each day. Think about how teams communicate with each other, so that you do not place teams who need regular face to face contact at opposite ends of a large office space. You also need to consider aspects such as office furniture; what type of chairs, desks and tables are you going to use, and where are you going to locate them?

Many modern office spaces need to be flexible. For instance, you may use space for training and for meetings. This is why flexible furniture is a good investment. You can adapt it for different uses, or easily remove and store it when the need arises.


Choosing the right chairs for the space


There is a good chance that certain areas of your office, such as waiting areas and meeting rooms are used to a different capacity, depending on the need. It makes sense to purchase seating that can be used when necessary but does not have to be in place all the time. Being able to move seating gives you access to additional floor space which can be useful when people want to walk around and mingle, to create a sense of light and space in the office and when cleaning is required.

Using stacking chairs in your office means that they can be moved away and stored when they are not needed. The fact that these chairs stack on top of each other means that take up a limited amount of storage space. They are also a cost effective seating solution as buying in bulk means you can usually reduce purchase costs.

Many people are reluctant to use stacking chairs because they think of the version that was in existence year ago. Stacking chairs have evolved a great deal since then, and they provide a comfortable, affordable and flexible seating solution for any business or organisation. In an office space, you can use stacking chairs that have a wood finish and are upholstered, to create a professional feel to the environment.

Choosing tables that work for you


You also need tables to use in a flexible office space. If the use of the space varies a great deal and involves the presence of different numbers of people, you may want to consider purchasing modular tables. These tables can be adapted to suit various situations; the shape and size of the table can be changed so that it can be used for large corporate meetings or team get togethers.

If you have an office space that needs to be emptied completely on a regular basis, it makes sense to choose folding or collapsible tables. The problem with folding tables is that they can take up storage space as the legs simply fold up to the table top. They can also be quite awkward to fold and store away. Many businesses and organisations choose to use collapsible tables instead. This means that the legs can be completely removed from the top, making storage more effective. Removing the legs is a simple process when good quality collapsible tables are used. Many of these tables can also be used with different lengths of leg, making them highly flexible.

Remember the importance of storage space


If you are purchasing any of these items of flexible furniture, it’s important to realise that they always take up a certain amount of space. If you choose to use stacking chairs or folding/collapsible tables, you need to factor in space where they can safely be stored. Even taking this into account, you are still saving vital floor space overall as these items take up a lot less space when stacked, folded or collapsed than they do when they are is use.

Having flexibility in an office is important if you want to optimise the use of the space that you have. Using stacking chairs and flexible table solutions means that you can use space for a conference one day and release it for use as a staff social area the next. The furniture just needs to be configured in a different way. Remember that you can also leave floor space clear if there is no reason to use it. After a meeting, simply store the tables and chairs away and you can increase the sense of light and space in the room. These are both valuable commodities for any office that is a healthy and safe place to work.