How to Maximise Space for Your Carol Service

December 2, 2019

A Christmas carol service is by far one of the highlights of the festive season for many Christians.

Bringing festive cheer and warmth to our lives, it allows us to celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus, feel at one with God and celebrate as a community.

However, when your space is limited, it’s not always easy to welcome as many worshippers into your church as you’d like for this special occasion.

Here are five easy ways you can overcome this challenge, make the most of the space you have available and ensure that your carol service opens its arms and welcomes all.

1. Choose innovative seating

Carol services tend to attract a larger and more diverse congregation than usual. This is because even those who can’t regularly attend church tend to make a special effort to give thanks to God at this time of year.

For this reason, it’s essential that you have enough seats to cater to their needs. They should be easy to move, highly adaptable so you can adjust the space as required and also pack away neatly when they’re not needed.

Stacking chairs such as our Stanway 2 model are perfect as they provide wonderful cushioning and comfort for all ages, they stack into even the smallest of spaces, and they coordinate beautifully with any church interior.

2. Reconsider layout

If space is limited, don’t feel like you have to stick to the traditional Christmas carol service layout that leaves a great deal of empty space at the front.

Get creative and use one of the better layout options so you can maximise space and ensure everyone who wants to attend the service can be there.

Consider curving the traditional rows of seats into an arc with other rows continuing behind them. This is a much friendlier and more modern church seating layout and helps foster community in the church.

3. Forget the stage

There’s often a great deal of space within a church that you could use to increase the amount of space you have available for your carol service.

For example, many stage areas are quite large and could be reduced in size or even eliminated altogether.

If you have an exhibition space, a lobby or an integrated coffee shop space in your church, you could also use this to allow for extra seating.

4. Offer several smaller services

Did you know that intimate, friendly carol services are often more engaging than those larger ones?

They help foster the sense of a real connection with God, increase the sense of community and also allow the space to feel warm, cosy and welcoming.

That’s why many modern churches now split their carol services into several, offering afternoon, early evening and even later options that allow everyone to attend.

5. Switch venue

If all else fails, find somewhere larger to hold the service! Carol services are traditionally held in the main part of the church, but they don’t have to be.

Many churches have large auditoriums or community centres that they can use to host their carol service and ensure it’s as spiritual and welcoming as they desire. You could also consider hiring a venue if space is still an issue.

Just make sure your congregation knows where the carol service will be held and how to find it!

If you’re struggling with space in your church, don’t panic. Instead, reconsider your layout, invest in stacking chairs, forget the stage, offer smaller services or even change venue altogether so everyone can enjoy your Christmas carol service this year.