How to Prepare Cathedrals for Midnight Mass

December 23, 2019

Midnight Mass, the late-night service on Christmas Eve is one of the highlights of the Christian calendar.

This traditional church service brings members of the community together, reminding us of all of the true meaning of Christmas and allowing us to welcome more worshippers than ever.

For these reasons, it’s more important than ever to take sufficient time to prepare your cathedral or church for Midnight Mass. This will help ensure that everyone is welcomed with open arms and enjoys this festive spiritual experience.

Make sure you have enough seating

Many people who don’t attend regular church services are likely to attend for Midnight Mass, which can swell your congregation considerably. Plan ahead and you can make sure you have enough seats for everyone to enjoy the service in comfort.

Ensure that your seating provides the right back support and comfort for all ages that may be in attendance and helps them stay engaged with the service.

The Stanway 1 is a great option as it’s significantly more comfortable than pews and can be moved around easily to create exactly the layout you need or packed away neatly when no longer needed.

Decorate beautifully

When preparing your cathedral or church for Midnight Mass, get creative and add some beautiful seasonal decorations.

There aren’t any religious restrictions relating to what you should or shouldn’t include but do keep it tasteful and look towards biodegradable, reusable or sustainable decorations which can help protect the planet.

Wherever you can, aim to incorporate reds and greens into your colour scheme as these are both traditional and stylish. Look for wreaths, ribbons and other natural pieces to create a timeless effect that appeals to all ages.

Consider a nativity scene

Although they’re not essential for Midnight Mass and Christmas services, many cathedrals and churches like to include a nativity scene as part of their seasonal decorations.

They’re also wonderful centrepieces that really draw the attention of younger worshippers and help bring the Christmas story alive. Again, continue to reuse the items you already have for your nativity scene or choose sustainable items made from natural materials wherever possible.

Let there be light!

Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for worshippers by considering how you will light your cathedral for the service.

This is especially important as the majority of Midnight Mass services take place at night.

Avoid using harsh overhead lights and get creative instead. Consider using fairy lights, candles and spotlighting to help bring the festive spirit to life.

By checking that you have enough seating, adding warm lighting and timeless decoration, and considering a nativity scene, you can make the most of your cathedral for Midnight Mass. This will create a welcoming atmosphere for all and help you enjoy this special time of year.