Industries that benefit from Stacking Chairs

June 19, 2019

Stacking chairs can be extremely useful for your business, and work effectively across a variety of different industries. From creating a space saving alternative from generic seating to being an affordable option when it comes to your furniture budget, stacking chairs could be exactly what you need.

Chairs may initially seem like a simple piece of furniture to shop for, but when shopping commercial and industry specific furniture there are more requirements and factors to consider than when you’re choosing chairs for your home.

Food Industry

Finding the perfect seating option for your restaurant involves considering many different factors such as; affordability, function, durability, and many others depending on your restaurant’s specific needs. For instance, if you offer seasonal outdoor seating throughout the summer, you will look for a space saving alternative to generic seating to avoid congestion behind the scenes of your restaurant.

Being able to stack chairs means you can vastly decrease the surface area they occupy in your building. When seating needs change on a whim due to increased business or an event having more attendees than originally anticipated, stacking chairs are a great way to accommodate these increases in custom and changes in weather.

Furthermore, the more comfortable someone is, the more often they will come back. If you are constantly entertaining a various amount of customers or frequently run events, having a dining area that is flexible like this will help you make the most of your space and provide everyone with the best atmosphere possible. Maximising comfort for your customers without compromising on atmosphere is essential for client retention.

Types of businesses that can benefit in this way include:

  • – Cafes
  • – Street food stalls
  • – Bars

Hospitality Industry

One of the best aspects of stacking chairs is that they can be used on an ‘as and when’ basis. This means that if you need to clear the chairs away to give yourself more space, you can do. That’s why the hospitality industry can really benefit from this kind of furniture.

Take a hotel, for example. Hotels cater to large groups of people for all kinds of events from conferences to weddings. All of the people in attendance will require seating at these events and occasions, and setting out stacking chairs the night before the event means that you will be ready for whoever happens to turn up – all you need to know are the numbers and ensure you have enough chairs ready for them. This flexibility in adjusting your seating capacity on a whim is one of the many major benefits to stackable chairs. Another benefit is how affordable of an option stackable chairs tend to be. Instead of buying entire dining sets to fill out your space or event, a lesser number of stacking chairs and folding tables will get the job done.

When the event is over, the chairs can be neatly stacked and then stored away until next time. This is particularly useful if you only have one event space within your building and a function such as a wedding or party needs room to dance or mingle in the evening. The chairs can be set out in rows, then tables can be added for someone comfortable to eat, and finally the furniture can all be packed away so that the dance floor is clear.

Adaptive furniture such as stacking chairs will make running your event in the hospitality industry far easier due to their flexibility.

Entertainment Industry

When you go to see a play, musical, opera, comedy show, or anything else, you expect to be able to sit down for the duration of the event. Stacking chairs can ensure that this expectation is met. While the amount spent can often dictate the level of comfort found in the chairs, there are many affordable options and in a variety of styles, from padded cushions to more basic models.

Final Thought

When searching for the right solution to your industries seating dilemmas, it can be hard to find the right one. With so many benefits of stackable chairs, they would make a great addition to any industry whilst solving any seating issues you face thanks to their incredible flexibility and space saving options.