Key Factors Often Overlooked when Planning an Event

July 2, 2019

Planning an event isn’t easy; if it was, everyone would be doing it. But if it’s what you do for a living, or if you need to do it for a special occasion, you’ll need to tackle the difficulties head on. That means ensuring that nothing is forgotten – it would be a disaster (perhaps literally) if you thought you were completely done and the realised there were still jobs to be completed. So here are some of the important elements that most often get overlooked but that need to be included when you are planning an event.


Of course, you’re not going to forget food – food is a hugely important part of an event, whether you’re planning a sit down three course meal, a cold buffet, or simple canapés. However, what you might forget is that there are many different food allergies and variations that need to be accounted for.

Make sure that you ask each guest whether they have any allergies or food intolerances before planning your menu. Ideally, you will want to have a menu that everyone can eat, but if that isn’t possible due to the different food issues that might arise, you’ll need to plan a wider range so that everyone gets something to eat.

The Right Space

What kind of event are you planning? Is it a conference? Is it a wedding? A party? Whatever it is that is happening, you’ll need to make sure you are hosting it in the right space. You need enough room for everyone and you need to be able to ensure you can rearrange the furniture to make space for dancing or entertainment should you need to. If you do, then stacking chairs are going to be the best option because you can quickly and easily stack them away when you need more space.

Having the wrong size room, or even having the wrong furniture, will be a problem during the event that you might not have considered when you are planning it.

The Right Permissions

In some cases, you will need licences and permits in order to play music, serve alcohol, or stay open later than usual. Don’t forget to put everything in place before the event, and leave plenty of time to apply for the licences and special permissions you might need. If you leave it too late, you might not have time to obtain them, or, if you are denied, you might not have time to appeal. This would mean cancelling the event altogether.

A Wi-Fi Connection

Although not strictly necessary, a good WI-FI connection might be important during your event – it will depend on what you are doing, of course. A conference might need Wi-Fi to connect to computer systems for showing slides and so on, for example. A wedding DJ might need Wi-Fi to connect to their music and play it. And even if the event itself doesn’t need Wi-Fi, the guests might want it.

If you’re setting up an event as a professional and you want to get some great reviews and more work, ensuring there is a Wi-Fi connection in place might just do that for you – your guests will be able to post photos online and scroll through Facebook to their heart’s content.

Tidy Up

You know how you’re going to set everything up, you know who’s going to help you, you know exactly where everything is going and how it is going to look. Yet what about at the end of the event? That needs to be thought of too.

You’ll need to have a team in place to put everything away and make sure that the venue is left clean and tidy (particularly important for your reputation and if you have paid a refundable deposit). If this is forgotten, then after everyone has left you might find you are left on your own to do all the work.