Product Spotlight: The Buscot – An exploration of the Buscot Stacking Chair

August 7, 2019

You may think that one stacking chair is just the same as another, and that there really isn’t anything that distinguishes one from another. That may be the case with some of the lower quality, but when it comes to high quality stacking chairs there are plenty of differences between each make and model.

Take the Buscot, for example. There is much to say about this particular type of stacking chair that sets it apart from all the rest.


We’ll take how it looks to begin with, since this is what everyone notices first. Unlike many other stacking chairs, the Buscot has a certain elegance to it – spot it in a room and you could be forgiven for thinking that whoever bought it had paid a lot of money. In reality, these chairs are excellent value. For rooms that need a hint of luxury such as those used as a wedding venue, the Buscot really does add that touch of class to proceedings.

Compact And Easy To Store

Something else you’ll no doubt notice about these chairs is how compact they are. Not small (your guests aren’t going to be uncomfortable sitting on one of these chairs, not with a back of 240mm and a seat of 500mm), but made in such a way that they can stack easily (you won’t have to fight with them to either set them out or put them away). They will take up a small amount of room when they are tidied away, allowing you to make the most of the space you have. It is possible to stack 15 Buscot stacking chairs on a mobile trolley, giving you plenty of room to manoeuvre.


Something that is unique to the Buscot stacking chair is its tip up seat feature. This means that the number of layouts possible with this particular type of chair will increase, allowing them to be used in multi-purpose spaces. The Buscot also links, so once you have set up the room in the way you want to, you can keep things looking neat and tidy, a definite bonus when you want to impress.

The Buscot is an extremely versatile chair too. You can choose to order it with or without armrests, for example, which will offer you plenty of choice in how the chairs are used and where they can be stored and set up. You can even upgrade to the gorgeous Camira Mainline Plus fabric at a small additional cost if you prefer. Or why not try vinyls or leathers if that suits better?

All in all, the Buscot stacking chair is exactly what you are looking for. Elegant and stylish, versatile and strong, this is a chair that will last for many years, and will be an excellent investment.