Stacking Chairs: 4 Premises That Will Benefit

May 14, 2018

Stacking chairs are a very popular choice of seating in many different settings and contexts. This is because they allow for manoeuvrability, versatility and functionality. Here we consider 4 premises that will benefit from stacking chairs as a premier choice of seating.

Schools/Lecture Halls

Educational settings can benefit hugely from this type of seating. Starting with schools, many of these contexts will require larger spaces to be multi-purpose, such as a school hall for example. In one day, that hall might transform from an assembly room, to a basketball court, to a consultation venue. Having stacking chairs in this type of space allows for a range of versatility, as well as providing the best use of space.

In classrooms, stacking chairs can also allow for teachers to change the dynamic of their teaching areas quickly and with ease. Classrooms can be turned from conventional seating areas, to drama rooms or group work spaces, all by being able to stack the seating.

In lecture halls, stacking chairs will benefit staff and students alike. The compact design of this type of seating means that many people can congregate in one space- and sometimes a lecture hall might be full, with all seating utilised. However, in other lectures, there may be a smaller set of students within the space. The teacher may use the opportunity to organise a more ‘active’ lesson or group task in the ‘free’ area of the lecture hall (as opposed to having a full room of seating taking up space.)

Schools and educational settings often have limited rooms, so stacking chairs will always offer great benefits for multi-purpose spaces.

Conference Centres and Venues

Wooden or cushioned designs are typically popular in conference settings or venues, which host events and celebrations, such as weddings. Stacking chairs can be a convenient and clever option for this type of venue, where the number of people needing to be seated can vary greatly from day to day. The benefit here is that stacking chairs allow for adaptability- even up to the point of use- where, if more or less seating is required, chairs can be efficiently stacked or utilised there and then.

Some people might have the view that stacking chairs are a cheaper, less comfortable option for guests or persons needing to be seated- but this is certainly not true. There are many options available, including well-produced, sometimes luxury ranges, available as stacking chairs.

Restaurants and the ‘Catering’ Industry

Having stacking chairs in restaurants is good way to allow for potential busy times, or unexpected overflows of customers. The compact nature of stacking chairs means that restaurants can afford to keep extra seating in storage, only to be used when needed. This can make for a busier, more ‘slick’ looking restaurant, if the seats already available are full- but, of course, stacking chairs gives the option to add in more seating at peak times, or create outdoor seating in the summer months.

Also, many restaurants and catering companies rely on the manoeuvrability of stacking chairs. It’s a given that any company providing tables and chairs for events (such as weddings,) will need to use stacking chairs. Stacking chairs will, of course, be the only real solution for moving seating from venue to venue (from marquees to village halls, for example.)

Additionally, within the food industry, the use of stacking chairs can be of great benefit to keeping premises as clean as possible. This, in turn, attracts customers and pleases visitors. Having seating which can stack will allow for an effective and thorough floor cleaning process as the end of use- and means that no crumbs or bits of dirt can become hidden or sit in spots masked by permanent seating.

Community Halls or Churches

Rather than ‘pews,’ most modern churches now predominantly use stacking chairs. This allows the seating to adapt according to congregation size, as well as change use, where required. When not in ‘normal’ use, church or community halls are typically rented out or used by other community groups or people. This is where stacking chairs are an excellent choice for this type of premise. It allows for ultimate flexibility in how different people make use of the space and, in addition to this, means that the church or community hall is left visibly tidy and clear for times when seating is not needed. Some groups, such as casual sporting classes or exercise groups, might only want to hire a hall that has space for activities. Stacking chairs allow for owners of this type of premise to be much more accommodating.