Using stacking chairs as a flexible seating option

April 5, 2018

It’s easy to think of all chairs in the same way. They provide the opportunity for people to sit down, at home, in work, in a restaurant and in many other business and social spaces. But, not all chairs are the same. They are designed differently, to suit a variety of purposes. For instance, a reclining chair is designed to provide a high level of comfort and support, and is mainly used in domestic premises.

This type of chair is not suited to group seating, such as at a convention or a wedding reception. In situations such as these, using stacking chairs makes sense. They are a flexible seating solution for a variety of different situations.

The benefits of using stacking chairs

Stacking chairs may not immediately seem like a good option for seating in an office space. But they actually provide several benefits, in an office and several other environments.

Space saving

The most obvious advantage of using stacking chairs is that a lot of floor space can be saved. When the chairs are not in use they can be stored vertically, making best use of space that is often neglected. This leaves floor space available to be used for other purposes. It also makes it easier to clean large buildings such as schools, churches and offices as there are no awkward obstacles to navigate around.

Flexibility of seating arrangements

A business that is furnishing its offices may want to have some permanent seating in the reception area. But, what if there is an influx of visitors from time to time? This can present problems if people are left standing around because there is nowhere to sit. Having stacking chairs stored away means that extra seating can be provided when necessary.

Ease of movement

Even though stacking chairs are constructed to be sturdy, they are lightweight. This makes it easy to move them around. This ease of movement is essential in areas such as school halls and function suites where chairs need to be moved around, and stored away, on a regular basis. It’s not practical to use heavier furniture.

Cost effectiveness

By their nature, stacking chairs are intended to be purchased in bulk. They are intended to be used in situations where several chairs are required, that can be used as and when they are needed. This bulk buying means that stacking chairs are generally one of the most cost effective seating solutions that you can find.


Stacking chairs are made to last. This durability is important as these chairs are often used in situations where they are moved around a lot. And, they are stacked and unstacked on a regular basis. Even given all of this punishment, these chairs can last for years.


Gone are the days when stacking chairs tended to be uncomfortable pieces of plastic that were not the most pleasant things to sit on. Modern versions are made not just from plastic but from metal as well. Many of these modern chairs are also upholstered, making them comfortable to sit on.

What type of stacking chair should you choose?

There are many different types of stacking chair available. The most cost effective versions are basic plastic chairs that are perfect for use in areas such as church halls or outdoor fetes. For more elaborate occasions, such as wedding receptions, wooden upholstered chairs can be purchased. Upholstered chairs are also a good choice for use in offices where the colour of the upholstery can be chosen to reflect the brand of the business.

Where can stacking chairs be used?

Stacking chairs can be used in most situations where flexible and durable seating is required. Here are some examples:

  • In function suites.
  • At a garden party.
  • In a domestic home where large parties are common.
  • In a church hall.
  • At school concerts and plays.
  • In conference centres.

This type of seating is completely portable, so it can be used to provide adaptable seating in all of these situations and more. For instance, a small entertainment venue may choose to have this type of flexible seating in order to adapt to the audience. This prevents people from having to sit in a venue that is full of empty seats, and helps to create a better atmosphere.

Anyone who is looking for a flexible seating option should consider stacking chairs. They are affordable and durable. And, most importantly, they do not take up a lot of valuable floor space when they are not in use.