Stacking Chairs: Perfect for Conferences & Event Venues

September 28, 2018

By their nature, conference and event venues need to be flexible. There could be a requirement for a space to conduct talks where the audience is seated throughout. There may also be times when the space is taken up by a variety of stalls or there may need to be a socialising space where seating is available but there also needs to be room for people to walk around and mingle.

The seating that is used in this type of venue needs to fit with all of these potential uses. This is why utilising  stacking chairs makes sense. They can be placed anywhere in the venue when they are needed and simply stacked and stored away when they are not in use.

Space saving attributes

One of the best things about using stacking chairs as a seating option is that a lot of space can be saved when using them. This is an important consideration for conference and event venues that have invested in the space which they have and want to get a good return on their investment. Stacking chairs are stored vertically, so when they are not in use they take up only a small amount of floor space. The fact that they can be stored away like this also makes it a lot easier to clean a venue, as the floor can be completely cleared.

Complete flexibility in how and when seating is used

Events venues often have to be flexible right up to the last minute, and even during an event. Attendee numbers can change at any time. If there is an influx of additional attendees, it’s important that they have somewhere to sit while watching presentations or taking part in focus groups. Stacking chairs remove any potential issues with lack of seating as they can be kept stacked at the edge of the room, waiting to be placed out if they are needed. The process is quick and seamless so there are no awkward delays.

Easy movement of stacking chairs

Stacking chairs are designed to be both sturdy and lightweight. This means that it’s easy for organisers of events to place them out onto the floor when they are needed and place them back on the stack when they are no longer required. It also means that attendees at conferences and events can easily move their chair along if others need to be seated.

Affordable seating to use

Anyone who owns or runs an events or conference venue is likely to purchase a significant amount of seating. By their nature, stacking chairs are suited to this type of bulk purchase. This means that investing in stacking chairs is usefully a cost effective budget choice to make.

Chairs that are built to last

Conference and events venues play host to a lot of visitors over time. This means that any seating which is used undergoes a lot of wear and tear. Stacking chairs are manufactured from materials which give them a high level of durability. This means that, as long as they are cleaned regularly and stored in the correct manner, they will remain in good condition for years even when they are used frequently.

A good standard of comfort

No-one wants to sit on a chair that is not comfortable. The good news is that stacking chairs do not only provide complete seating flexibility, they also offer a good level of comfort. Modern stacking chairs are made from many different materials including, plastic, metal and wood. They are designed to ensure that anyone who sits on them can do so comfortably. Upholstered stacking chairs can be used when people are going to be seated for long periods of time. These chairs can also create a more professional and stylish look to a room.

The most valuable benefit of using stacking chairs for conference and event venues is that they enable seating to be flexible so that any number of attendees can be catered for. From a cost point of view, purchasing this type of chair does not put undue strain on a furnishing budget. It’s an affordable form of seating that is comfortable for people to use. Venue owners and managers can also be sure that the stacking chairs they invest can be used for years to come, as they are designed to withstand a lot of wear and tear. All of these factors come together to make stacking chairs ideal for use in conference and event venues.