Stacking Chairs Throughout The UK

October 17, 2019

Stacking Chairs UK is a company driven by passion, outstanding expertise and over 70 years of British furniture design and artisan crafting.

As have gone by, we’ve evolved beyond traditional seating design and expanded our range of seating to meet the needs of the modern market and focus on functional, light and compact furniture.

Over recent years, numerous organisations across the UK have reached out to ask us to help provide them with high-quality, timeless seating for their venue. This includes well-known, historical sites such as the National Archive in Kew and world-famous Alexandra Palace to historical community churches such as St Laurence in Cheltenham with our versatile and stylish stacking chairs.

Here’s the story of how each of these organisations came to ask us for help, the challenges of their creative brief and how we found the right seating solution for their needs.

National Archive, Kew, London

The National Archive is a stunning venue that houses public records from across the UK. Set in beautiful picturesque grounds in Kew and just a short walk from the River Thames, it’s open to all and offers a range of activities and space to hire.

When they commissioned their state-of-the-art events auditorium, they wanted to find an elegant and compact seat that would allow them to make the most of the space. It needed to be versatile as the space was to be used for a variety of purposes including lectures, film screenings and theatre-style meetings. As they would be attracting a range of ages, they wanted a stacking chair that would provide maximum comfort for the user.

Based on the brief, we suggested the strong and stylish Race Stanway 2– a stacking chair that would meet their needs and also work effectively with the overall design of the space and the National Archive as a whole.

Alexandra Palace, London

Alexandra Palace is a Grade II listed building and perhaps one of the most famous theatre venues in London.

It was here that the BBC launched its first full television service in 1936 and is also one of the most famous gig venues in London, welcoming bands like The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and Gracie Fields.

After falling into disrepair for decades, it underwent a £27 million renovation in 2016 with designers aiming to preserve as much of the original detail as possible, breathing new life into the space and allowing the public these gorgeous surroundings again.

Finding the right seating option for this large and historic venue was going to be a challenging task.

That’s why theatre design, acoustics and digital design consultants Charcoal Blue approached us here at Race Furniture, looking for a versatile, flexible yet classic looking stacking chair that would perform highly.

We presented them with several samples from our range and they chose our stunning Stanway 1 design. Compact, stylish and offering the ability to stack an impressive 30 chairs high this design was easy to incorporate into the overall design scheme and provided the durability necessary for a space of this type.

We customised this design for Alexandra Palace, allowing the chair to link together in an arc to allow for the traditional curved row layout.

St Lawrence Church, Bourton-on-the-Water, Cheltenham

St Lawrence Church is a stunning religious building, rich in history, tradition and community. There’s been a church on the site since 709 AD the premises also appears in the Domesday Book back in 1086.

Looking to redesign the space to better meet the needs of the modern worshipper, they started a major renovation project in 2017, refreshing the worship space, meeting room and kitchen balcony and pews.

Part of the project was to find some sensibly priced, high-density stacking chairs that were highly manoeuvrable, durable and could be adapted to the varying needs of the church community.

For these reasons they chose the Stanway 3, also opting for the tight linking facility which would keep the chairs perfectly aligned at all times.

The church report that they are delighted with their investment and are being enjoyed by everyone.

Privett Church, Alton, Hampshire

Another Grade II listed building, The Church of the Holy Trinity in Privet is an Anglican church which is recorded in the National Heritage List for England.

Boasting a stunning interior including four bay arcades, a square font with elaborate carvings, a wrought iron lectern, mosaic floor and a lofty tower arch, it’s an impressive space that is rich in history.

When replacing their traditional wooden pews with modern church seating, they wanted to find a stackable chair that would fit this unique style, offer maximum comfort to their congregation and link effortlessly.

They were delighted with the Stanway 1- an upholstered chair that could be tailored to their unique needs. It also offers an optional detachable book holder and optional arms and is durable enough to cope with the needs of both younger and older worshippers.

Horsley Church

Horsley Church came to us looking for a modern, streamlined and versatile stacking chair that would complement the traditional interior perfectly, help their worshippers feel comfortable whilst offering the versatility to change the layout of the room as required.

By working closely with the church parish council and church architect, we were able to supply a sample of stacking chairs that would meet their needs and offer the greatest amount of choice.

They assessed the wealth of design features, finishes and options available to them and chose the Stanway 3 with its wooden veneered seat, streamlined appearance and optional linking system.

By using stacking chairs in their venue or public space, each of these organisations was able to expand the versatility and flexibility of the space, improve comfort and update their furniture to meet their unique needs.