Stacking Chairs UK and the Churches Conservation Trust: Supplying Privett Church (Alton.)

June 28, 2018

Stacking Chairs UK supplies ‘seated’ furniture to a variety of contexts and settings, fit for purpose and built to last. Recently, the company supplied the ‘Churches Conservation Trust’ with new stacking chairs, to assist them with their continued support of the upkeep of historical church buildings and the church-goers and visitors that attend.

The unique Privett Church, in Alton, has been one church building to see the benefits of brand new chairs, with Stacking Chairs UK supplying the Trust with a tailored style of chair to suit this setting.

Race Furniture is the parent company of Stacking Chairs UK, and the chair supplied to Privett Church was the ‘Race Stanway 1’ – an upholstered, elegant style of seat. With black, graphite grey or polished chrome as frame finish options, this is the type of chair to provide the church with a fresh appearance, as well as look very smart. The new seating has also provided the congregation and visitors a new and comfortable place to sit.

The Stanway 1 chair can stack up to 30 chairs high making it a helpful option for the church to be able to store away chairs when not intended for use. In addition to this, the chairs stack onto a mobile trolley, making any bulk movement of the chairs more swift and efficient. It also means the church can move sets of chairs around the building.

The benefits of Stanway 1 style chairs include the option to link the chairs, into straight or curved rows. This allows the church to adopt new layouts, adapt the Sunday service congregation or re-arrange formats for other events of activities. This type of chair also has the option of a detachable under-seat book holder, which suits churches who might offer a bible or hymn book at each individual place. The chair is also available with or without arms rests.

The new ‘Race Stanway 1’ chairs have been well-received and appreciated by both church-goers and visitors alike. This is a historical, old church, now with a new burst of contemporary furniture to meet the modern needs and life of the church.

All of Race’s stacking chairs are manufactured in the UK and Stacking Chairs UK provide a 5-year warranty. The factory is in Gloustershire and the company prides itself on foundations of over 70 years of revolutionary and functional furniture design.