The Advantages that Stacking Chairs can Bring to your Business

April 15, 2019

If there’s one thing that businesses are looking to incorporate into their day to day running, it’s flexibility. It might be about creating flexibility in the type of workspace that you are offering, flexi-time or allowing employees to work from wherever is best for them – whenever is best for them.

Although some of these trends might involve the way that employees are treated, this also applies to your use of space. As the price of office space rises and businesses see the benefits in creating the best environment for their employees to work in, we are seeing a rise in the need for businesses to be able to adapt their workspace as and when is necessary, and this is where stacking chairs come in.

Having chairs that can be stacked and stored away allows businesses a lot more flexibility in the way that a particular space is used. There’s that word again. Flexibility.

Here are some ways that having stacking chairs can help your specific business:

Using stacking chairs in the catering industry

The merits of having stacking chairs are obvious if you are a mobile caterer. If you need to provide your own seating, stacking chairs are easy and neat to store and transport, can be easily set out at your location, and then easily put away afterwards. They can be ‘dressed’ to look more glamorous or formal if desired and are a great way to be able to store large amounts of seating.

There are also huge benefits to having stacking chairs of you own a restaurant or café. Even if you don’t like to move the chairs and tables in your front of house around regularly, there is always going to be the occasion where you have an extra-large group of people coming so would need extra seating. It’s always handy to have some extra chairs stashed away neatly which you can get at the last minute.

Another bonus for restaurants is that, even if you aren’t thinking of it at the moment, it can be very useful to be able to stack your chairs on the restaurant floor out of the way, to be able to use the restaurant space for other things – like events or to hire it out.

There will also be times when you want to do a deep cleaning of the restaurant floor and by being able to stack your chairs, this will be a whole lot quicker and easier.

Using stacking chairs in educational establishments

Whether you are a school, college or university, it is useful to be able to use your space as you wish. Having, for example, an assembly hall with permanent seating that can’t be moved, is, quite frankly, a waste of space. It leaves the room redundant for a lot of the time.

By using stacked seating, you can put out as many chairs as you need, giving you the space to do what you want, creating adequate seating for everybody who needs it, but also allowing you to use the space for other things if you wish to.

It also gives you the opportunity to hire out the room for a range of uses and earn a little extra money which is always useful.

Using stacking chairs in offices

Some people like to work on their own, others as part of a team, and some a mixture of the two. It is useful for businesses to be able to adapt their office space according to what is needed to make their business prosper.

By using stacking chairs you can neatly store away the chairs when you’re not needing them, fill a meeting room when you have a conference or give people space when they want to work on their own, add a few chairs for small group working or easily store them out of the way for team building exercises.

Stacking chairs can be stored efficiently and neatly in the corner or in a cupboard, making the office look neat and tidy without extra seating cluttering it up. This is all conducive to a good working environment and allowing your staff to be as productive as possible.

Regardless of what industry your business is in, stacking chairs can be a useful tool in keeping things organised but also flexible and adaptable. With the option of stacking away or putting out chairs, it means that spaces can be used for a range of different things, making the space that you have as efficient and effective and flexible as possible.