The Flexible Seating Options That Stacking Chairs Offer Restaurants

September 19, 2019

Anyone who owns or runs a restaurant will understand the need for flexibility when it comes to seating. Regardless of whether you have a small and intimate restaurant, a busy bistro or a large and buzzing eating establishment, being able to rearrange your seating, add extra seating in – and take it away is vitally important.

Using stacking chairs is a great way for restaurants to be able to get this flexibility – especially in restaurants where storage space is limited.

Why Stacking Chairs are a Good Option for your Restaurant

There are a number of reasons why having chairs that can easily be stacked are a great option for your restaurant, and here are some of them:

·      They can easily be stored

There are always going to be times when you need extra chairs, but also times when, frankly, you don’t want unnecessary chairs cluttering up the restaurant. Whether you have a booking for a large table, an event or, likewise a private booking for fewer people, it is always good to have chairs which can be easily stored out of the way.

Heavy and bulky restaurant chairs can be tricky and space consuming, so stacking chairs would be the perfect option if you want to change the number of chairs which are out. This is especially important if you have a restaurant with limited space for the storage of chairs.

·      Cleaning

Good hygiene is essential in any restaurant environment and sometimes it is useful to be able to clear the restaurant of all furniture to be able to give it a really good clean. Light stacking chairs are the perfect solution to be able to easily remove them from the restaurant floor, allowing for a deep clean without too much disruption and the taking up of a lot of room.

·      Saves employees’ backs

Most people who have worked in a restaurant will have experienced the heavy lifting which is needed to move around chairs and tables to fit in with reservations and booking numbers. This can be tiring work and the lifting of heavy chairs done the wrong way can cause injuries – especially to the back. By using lighter chairs which are designed for stacking you can reduce the risk of employees injuring themselves and make the job easier.

·      Easy to move around

Another benefit of having lighter, stackable chairs is that they can make it quicker and easier for your staff to rearrange the restaurant into different formations and size tables, according to bookings or just for a change.

·      Flexibility

Even if your restaurant is thriving, there might be times when you might wish to use the space that you have for other things as well – such as events or parties. The option of having additional seating which can be easily stacked and stored away can make this much easier.

Types of Stacking Chairs

Just because you are looking for chairs that stack easily, doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on style. Race’s stacking chair options are elegant when out in the restaurant and can be easily, quickly and neatly stored when they aren’t in use.

The Buscot chair is elegant and strong and can be easily stacked onto a trolley for even easier mobility. They have an upholstered seat and back in a range of fabrics, and a polished chrome frame if desired, as well as the option for armrests.

The Stanway 1 chair is a high-density stacking chair which looks great and can also be stacked onto a trolley. It can also be bought with or without armrests and in a range of different upholstered fabrics, as well as with a range of nylon coated legs or a polished chrome frame.

The Stanway 2 chair is similar to the Stanway 1, but it has a deeper backrest and thicker and more comfortable foam in the seat.

The difference between the Stanway 1 and 2 and the Stanway 3 chair is in the fact that it has a beach veneered seat and backrest, making it look even more elegant and perfect for an eating establishment.

Getting the seating right in your restaurant is important not only to the general ‘look’ of it but also in the way that you and your staff can use your space. By having chairs that can be easily stacked, you can get much more flexibility and make life a lot easier for everybody.