The Multi-Purpose Uses of Stackable Chairs

September 26, 2019

Whether you have a restaurant, village hall, concert hall or any other space which has the need for seating the benefits of having chairs which can be easily, quickly and neatly stacked away are for all to see. Compared to bulky and heavy chairs which take up a lot of space and are difficult to store, stackable chairs will give you a lot more flexibility over what you are doing with your space.

No Compromise on Style

Just because it is possible to stack your chairs doesn’t mean that they have to be ugly. Just because they are lightweight doesn’t mean that have to be flimsy. In fact, some of the most stylish looking chairs are easily stackable – a double whammy!

Stackable chairs such as Race Furniture’s stackable chairs combine great style with ‘stackability’, ensuring that your space still looks elegant and loved, regardless of how many chairs that you are using. You can also typically have a choice of fabrics and finishes to suit your space.

No Compromise on Substance

Another bonus to having good stackable chairs is that they can also be multi-purpose. Not only do they stack, but they can also be used individually. They can be linked together – either in a straight or curved formation to make setting them out easier and to keep them in place, you can choose for them to have armrests or not and some even have detachable writing tablets if you wish.


One of the best things about having stackable chairs is the flexibility that it gives you. It means that you can accommodate for large numbers of people in your space – or few people, without having lots of unused furniture lying around and without having to rent additional seating.

This gives you the chance to utilise your space in the best and most efficient way possible, being able to host a range of different sized groups as well as different ‘events’.

If you wish to have your seating permanently set out, you can, but by having chairs that can also be stacked, you can easily get them out of the way when you are doing tasks such as cleaning the floor. The fact that they are light enough to stack means that you can easily move your chairs around to suit whatever your situation is.

You can also stack your chairs onto a mobile trolley which will make it easier to move them around when people aren’t sitting on them.

Another benefit to having stacking chairs which can be easily moved around is that they can be taken from one room to another quickly and with minimal effort. Transferring heavy, individual chairs from one room to another can be both labour intensive and take a considerable amount of time.

In the Office

Multi-purpose stacking chairs can also be a great solution for in the office. They are stylish and comfortable but also can be moved and stored easily to accommodate whatever situation arises – whether it is the need to be able to easily move them around to encourage teamwork, set out for training sessions or meetings and then be able to store them away again or accommodate any number of visitors – all with the style of a less-functional chair.

There is a range of different upholstery fabrics and colours, which means that you have the ability to choose your chairs according to the overall style and colour scheme of your office.

Regardless of the space that you have, having chairs that can be easily and quickly stacked and stored can be fundamental to your ability to use it flexibly. The fact that they can be multi-purpose means that your space can be multi-purpose and efficient, which can make all the difference to you or your business.