Tips for Reupholstering Stacking Chairs

August 27, 2019

When a visitor comes into your home, business or attends your event, the first thing they’ll notice is the interior decor. This includes the beauty of your walls and the brilliance of your furniture.

You don’t want to have your guests feel uncomfortable the whole time he/she spends in your events venue. This is why reupholstering your stacking chairs will benefit you, as getting rid of old fabric from your chairs and installing new ones helps to give them a brand new look. Reupholstering has several benefits which include changing the tone of your chairs to match the upgraded looks of your venue and theme.

Reupholstering your stacking chair is quite an easy task. To get started you need to purchase supplies you need like extra foam padding, colorful fabric etc. Here are some tips to reupholster your stacking chairs.

Removing The Existing Fabric

First, you need to take pictures of your stacking chair before taking off the fabric that’s already on it. The images will go a long way in assisting you to change the fabric, as these photos will help you remember your process, and how parts were attached/removed, etc., making it easier to start again if need be.

Ensure that you place the chairs in a part of your room with good light before snapping the pictures. After that, you can turn your stacking chair over and unscrew the base of the chair. Some stacking chairs also have rivets that hold fabric in place – you can get rid of these rivets to conveniently take off the fabric or material.

If you’re simply replacing the foam on your stacking chairs, make sure to label the pieces of fabric with the points you removed them from like bottom fabric, left side arm etc. You also need to notice if there are any special pleats on the fabric so you can repeat it when replacing the fabric.

Utilising New Fabric

When ordering stacking chairs, you can usually request a variety of fabrics to suit you. But sometimes, the chairs needed again but they do not match your event’s colour scheme or company’s branding. This is where upholstering can come in.

If parts of the fabric have been sewn together, you need to unpick them so that you can determine the parts you can use to sew new panels together. Also, the pieces will need to be ironed so they’re straight enough when they’re being measured.

Second, you have to determine how much fabric you’ll need. Laying the pieces out and trying to fit them into the width of fabric bolts will help you measure the space they use up; this will tell you how many yards you need.

Make sure that when you’re going to the store to get new fabric, you visit the upholstery section or ask any employee in the store for fabric used for upholstery. This saves you from having to replace the fabric again after a few years of usage. Remember that the fabric will be sat on several times over the years and it’ll need to be durable to keep up with the chairs themselves. You can use jacquard or linen for this.

 If you’re looking for fabric that’s both beautiful and durable, you can go for either velvet or tapestry. Vinyl can be used if you want to prevent moisture from getting into your stacking chair because it’s waterproof. It isn’t suitable for you if the temperature in your home is usually high because skin tends to stick to it.

Resewing The Fabric

Panels that were previously sewn together need to be sewn again, and any pleats previously on the fabric need to be added back into the panels. This is where the pictures you earlier took come in handy. Observe the images to repeat any patterns done in the fabric you just replaced. If you’re using a domestic sewing machine, make sure not to sew strong fabric to prevent damage.

When fixing in the new fabric, you need to make sure you trim off the extra fabric to prevent bumps. If you intend to fold the corners, pull the fabric and fold the fabric in a triangle before stapling it to the bottom edge of the seat.

Reupholstering your stacking chairs in your venue will give your event furniture a new look and ensure comfort for your visitors. Contrary to what several people think, reupholstering chairs is actually a simple task that will help transform your stacking chairs and get the most use out of them.