Venues that Benefit from Stacking Chairs

May 17, 2019

When it comes to event furniture, there are few things more versatile than stacking chairs. Available in a wide range of styles, materials, and colours, stacking chairs provide a practical and cost-effective seating solution for a variety of venues being able to be stacked on top of each other, maximising storage space, and laid out and cleared away quickly and easily. They are usually strong and light, making them ideal for environments where there’s a lot of expected wear and tear. A number of venues can benefit from stacking chairs:

Churches and church halls

Churches in these times are more than a place of worship. Most are buildings with a much wider range of services to the community, especially if there is a church hall attached to the main building. There are some very excellent reasons why having a pile of stacking chairs makes sense for a church as the uses to which they can be put is a lengthy list:

  • Additional seating in the church for special holiday services and celebrations
  • Additional seating when the church is being used as an entertainment venue – concerts, for example
  • Events in the church hall which can be anything from mother’s groups, community groups, arts and crafts groups, community meetings, and even examinations.
  • Events when the church hall is rented to a third party.


Schools are full of chairs but there is still a need to have  a stash of stacking chairs available. There are any number of occasions when extra chairs may be required. A classroom may need increased seating capacity for a lesson, or chairs need to be available for visitors. Examination halls are usually set with chairs that are kept stacked  and those same chairs can be used for school events such as plays or concerts. The hall can be set with the chairs for PTA meetings or school announcements. If the school lets out halls or the gym to third parties, chairs may be needed. It would indeed, be a very unusual school that did not have a huge pile of stacking chairs, even if they stick the most basic, most budget-friendly designs.

Community Centres

Available seating is essential for a community centre. The facilities in the centre may be used for a huge range of activities. Stacking chairs are the best option for all the previously stated reasons but the key one is probably their ease of use. The nature of the use of a community centre space and the quick turnover between hirings is such that chairs might be needed for one event but not for the immediate event following. Being able to put them out and clear them away quickly without eating into the hirer’s time is a big advantage.

Event Spaces

Events spaces should consider their seating carefully, depending on the types of events they want to host. It’s nice to have gilt and velvet chairs for weddings but they aren’t the most flexible and are subject to more wear and tear than simple stacking chairs. Stacking chairs can still be targeted up with slip covers for example, which is a common trend in wedding venue design. Flexibility is the greatest asset in event furniture for venues who rent out their facilities to all sorts of events and stacking chairs provides just that. Stacking chairs can be quickly and easily set out in rows, put under tables, or scattered around a room. Some stacking chairs also have the great feature of a flip up seat which makes them ideal for ceremonies where people stand up and sit down at various times.


The development of big screen technology has increased the number of times an audience can get together in public to watch a broadcast whether it be a royal wedding or a World Cup semi-final. A pub with a pile of stacking chairs can maximise any space – indoors or out – they have to bring in more customers for such times.


A restaurant usually has a limited number of seats, defined by the dining space and number of tables, but there will be occasions when extra chairs may be needed. Having a small pile of stacking chairs is a compact, useful solution. If a restaurant wishes to allow private events or hold public events such as those mentioned in the pubs section above, again, stacking chairs provide the seating solution.

Essentially, wherever versatile seating is needed, stacking chairs provide a compact, budget-friendly solution.