The Versatility of Stacking Chairs: Occasions You Never Thought of

April 11, 2019

One of the beauties about having a multi-functional space is the fact that it is, well, multi-functional. The fact that the space can be used for anything from hosting Scout groups, to putting on pantomimes, to having guest speakers, to putting on night school classes, is highly beneficial. But it’s not just the space that needs to be flexible.

It is also important to have chairs and seating available in the numbers that are required, whilst not impacting too greatly on the space that people are using. One way of overcoming this challenge is by using chairs which can be efficiently and neatly stacked, whilst being easily accessible at the same time.

If you have a multi-functional space, it could be used for a whole host of different occasions. Here are four that you might never have thought of:

1.   Local Meetings

Whether they are regular meetings, or one offs, it is important that your space is able to accommodate the number of people who are attending. It might be that you have a local Cricket Club committee meeting, a public meeting for the local community or someone coming to talk about the history of your town, you need to be able to adjust the number of chairs according to how many people are attending.

If you have a set of stacked chairs you can store the ones which aren’t being used, whilst having them available in case the numbers unexpectedly grow. By being able to link the chairs together, you can accommodate the maximum number of people in an orderly manner, whilst also allowing everyone their own personal space. Linked chairs are quick and easy to set out as well as put away.

2.   Concerts

Whether you are putting on the local school concert or are hosting a visit from a national theatre company, concerts can be a great money spinner as well as being central to the community. One of the good things about putting on concerts is that you should be able to know the numbers beforehand. This means that you can organise the room in advance, ensuring that everyone has the best experience possible.

Just because chairs can be stacked and easily stored, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be comfortable to sit in whilst watching the concert. Chairs can be linked together for an organised ‘gallery’ and to give you the option of allocating seating – and of course, can be accessed easily to allow you to squeeze in a couple more audience members if you need to.

3.   Weddings

For people who are organising their own weddings, stacking chairs can be an excellent option for seating. Whether the wedding is in a garden, village hall, or other wedding venue, it is important that guests can sit comfortably in chairs that look the part. For those on a budget, stacking chairs can be decorated to look classy and sophisticated for a ceremony or meal, then put away or moved aside for the party afterwards.

Chairs that can be stacked can give you flexibility in your planning. Maybe you will have a few people invited to the ceremony then more at the Reception party, for example.  This way, you can keep your Reception seating neatly tidied away until the moment that it is needed.

4.   Children’s Parties

Anyone who has children will be able to tell you how organising a children’s party can be a logistical nightmare. Having to think about food, entertainment and a venue is enough, without having to worry about seating as well.

Having space for the children to eat party food, as well as run around and play games – and not to mention accommodate children’s parents – would be nigh on impossible without the ability to get out and put away seating. Stacked chairs can be accessed when needed, linked together to make falling off chairs less likely, comfortable for children’s parents and are also often wipe downable – another thing that you don’t need to worry about.

There are numerous advantages to using stacking chairs on a whole range of different occasions. They can be linked together, easily and quickly stored away or moved around, look neat and tidy or ‘dressed’ for the very special occasions, and are usually easy to clean, all at a very reasonable price.

By incorporating stacked chairs into your multi-functional space, you will give yourself the flexibility to accept any proposal as well as make those who hire the space’s lives easier.