What to Look for When Buying a Stacking Chair

January 8, 2018

There are tons of reasons you could find yourself needing a bunch of great stackable chairs, be that for a wedding, seminar, or just a party. However, choosing the right chair can be a right pain. Here’s some things to bear in mind.

Aesthetics – How Pretty Are They?
Obviously, we’re talking about chairs here. It’s a rare room where the chairs are the absolute pièce de résistance and as such you don’t have to spend any time looking for the absolute perfect ones. What you do need to find, however, are chairs that work well with the rest of your room. Aesthetics cover colour, shape, texture and design – essentially every element of how the chair looks. All that really comes down to is finding a chair that you don’t find disagreeable that incorporates the stacking mechanism and which matches the type of room it’s going to be spending time in. If your chairs are specifically for rooms that are older in style, you might want to buy some demure, unassumingly designed and muted in colour chairs. If it’s a more modern room design, bright interesting colours could be the ideal way to go. Really, it comes down to knowing where the chairs are going to be put and having a good eye to spot the chairs that work best.

Size is Crucial
Knowing the size and measurements of the chairs you’re buying is absolutely crucial. You’ve already specified you’re after a stacking chair, so space is clearly at a premium here. You’re buying a design of chair specifically designed to stack away neatly, you need to know how much room that stack of chairs is going to take up. There’s no point buying chairs that are too big to store despite the ability to stack, so make note of the dimensions and know your storage limits.

Work within a Budget
Cost is important, especially when you could be buying upwards of ten stackable chairs. You want to find the right chair, at the right price, because even small fluctuations in price per individual unit could cost you a lot more overall, so pick your chair and supplier carefully.

Comfort and Ergonomics
What is the point of chair? Obviously, it’s to sit on, relax on and take a load off your feet on. With that in mind, the chair you buy has to be comfortable, ergonomic and fit for purpose. I can still remember my school days of sitting on fantastically uncomfortable chairs, specially designed to straighten slouching backs and keep us as awake as possible. Presumably you don’t want to be doing that to your guests and chair users. It could be a good idea to order an individual unit and try it out in order to find a chair that offers the qualities you desire within your budget. If the chairs are going to be used for long periods, they need to be as comfy as possible.

What do They Weigh?
Finding out what each individual chair weighs is important, especially considering they’re set to be moved around and stacked. You absolutely don’t want a bunch of technically stackable chairs that you can stack, in theory, ten high, but once you get beyond five, the stack becomes unmoveable because of the combined weight. So you’ve got two factors coming into play here: the individual weight of the chairs and the ease of moving them around. This can definitely come into play if you’re finding yourself setting up one hundred of them or more. They need to be strong but also lightweight. Then you’ve got the fact that if they’re too heavy, stacks of them won’t be easily moveable. If you can’t move several of them in a stack it could make moving or transporting them quite awkward. Essentially, make sure the chairs you’re buying aren’t too heavy to work for your purpose.

Longevity and Sturdiness
This last point is hugely important. Chances are, if you’re investing in a lot of stackable chairs, you’re going to want to get plenty of use out of them. That comes down to sturdiness, which in turn is dependent on material choice and design. The only real way you can get a true feel for how well a chair is going to last in usage is by reading plenty of reviews of the model of chair you’re buying. You need to be sure that at every event or gathering the chairs are used at, you’re not clearing away a broken chair and helping a disgruntled guest back to their feet.