Why Stacking Chairs are Ideal during Exam Season

July 25, 2019

We all know that exams are stressful for the students taking them, but what about everyone else involved? What about the invigilators and the markers? What about the schools and other buildings in which the exams need to take place? Although the main focus is on the exams themselves – and rightly so – there must also be attention paid to everything else that goes into making those exams possible.

That includes the room in which the exam takes place, and the furniture and set up within it.

Which is why we’re talking about stacking chairs and their ideal function during exam season.

Easy Set Up

One of the biggest benefits of stacking chairs is that they are easy to set up – it’s a quick job to pull them (literally, if you have them kept on a wheeled trolley) out of storage and lined up at tables ready for exam students to sit on.

The set up of stacking chairs can be done by one person if need be, and it is not a strenuous task either. They stack perfectly, as per the name, and that means they fit together exactly as they should, giving you more space to keep them neat and tidy when you are not using them. Since they are of a standard size, they will also fit under most desks, ensuring comfort for the students and giving you peace of mind that no one is going to distracted from doing their best because their chair is too big or too small to give them the support they need.

Buy in Bulk

The last thing you want when you are setting up the school hall, gym, or other room as an exam venue is to use all of the chairs in the building for the exams, leaving nothing for anyone else. This will disrupt lessons, and cause problems in all school departments, not to mention the fact that parents won’t be happy that their children are having to sit on the floor or stand at their desks.

Stacking chairs easily solve this potential problem. Since they are inexpensive and can be bought in bulk, you will be able to ensure that you have enough seating for everyone. Anything that isn’t being used can be stacked and stowed away ready for when it is required once more.


Chairs that are moved about, taken from room to room, scuffed and scraped and sat upon day in, day out, will eventually succumb to wear and tear. When those chairs are also exam chairs, there will have more wear and tear than others – they will be rocked back and forth, scratched, picked, banged into walls or doorways, and otherwise treated fairly badly due to the fact that those sitting on them are nervous and those moving them about are in a hurry.

Stacking chairs are extremely durable, and therefore can withstand the worst of this moving around and being used by nervous individuals. They will last a long time, so the investment will be worth it too.

In Summary

No matter where your exams are taking place, how many people are taking them, or what the logistical requirements might be, stacking chairs are the ideal solution to your exam seating questions.