Why stacking chairs are the most flexible seating option

August 14, 2018

There are many occasions when  a space has several different uses. For instance, a church hall may be used by a local dance group, or for a Weight Watchers meetings. This means that it’s not always practical to have a fixed amount of seating in place. You need a solution where you can have the right amount of seating at any given time, but it can be removed and stored easily when the space is needed for a different activity.

The most effective solution in this situation is to invest in stacking chairs. These chairs are available in many shapes, designs and sizes, so you can find chairs to suit your needs whether you are searching for seating for an office building, a local theatre or a church hall.

What makes stacking chairs so flexible?

Stacking chairs can be stacked and stored easily and brought out for use when necessary. For instance, you may require additional seating for some meetings in your offices, but if you were to have this amount of seating set out permanently, it would restrict movement around the office and make it harder to clean.

Stacking chairs are manufactured to be lightweight and sturdy, so they can easily be moved into position when a meeting is happening, then picked up and stacked afterwards. The fact that these chairs can be stacked on top of each other means that they take up less of the precious storage space in an office, or any building in which they are being used.

There are many different situations where the flexibility of stacking chairs comes in useful:

  • At a party or social function.
  • At an outdoor event in a large garden or park.
  • In a church hall.
  • In a school hall when there is a concert taking place.
  • At a business event or conference.

On any occasion where there is a requirement for seating levels to be flexible, stacking chairs are an ideal solution.

The benefits of seating flexibility

Making best use of space

The biggest benefit of seating flexibility is that it helps to release a lot of space for other uses. Stacking chairs can also be stored in small spaces which may otherwise go unused.

Making it easier to clean

From a cleanliness point of view, it’s easy to move stacking chairs and thoroughly clean the area where they are located. This is often not the case with standard furniture. People end up cleaning around the furniture which can be an issue as it can have an effect on the level of cleanliness in a building which can in turn affect the health of the people who use the building.

Helping to create the right atmosphere

Flexible seating also enables a venue to be adapted for different events and performances. For instance, if you run a local amateur theatre, you can add seating for popular performances. This means that for less popular shows there are not rows of empty seats which could have an adverse effect on the atmosphere.

Assisting interaction in schools

The flexibility of stacking chairs is also useful in schools. Children need to be able to interact in order to flourish and develop their personality. During lessons such as drama, and at events like school fetes, being able to pick up and carry a stacking chair means that children can interact with different groups. It’s a lot harder to encourage this type of interaction if heavy benches are used for school seating.

Affordability and durability

It’s not only flexibility that makes stacking chairs stand out as a sensible seating solution. They are also affordable and durable. The fact that you purchase stacking chairs in bulk is one of the reasons why they are so affordable. Their high level of durability also makes them an affordable option as you do not have to replace them frequently.

As long as you are careful with the stacking chairs you purchase they should last for years. Pay attention to the instructions on how they should be stacked. You also need to make sure that they are cleaned on a regular basis and that any staining is attended to straight away. If you care for the chairs you will have a flexible seating solution for a long time to come. This means that you can continue to save space and optimise storage while knowing that you will always have enough seating available for every situation.